Knit at the beach .:. Sweater No. 9

Wool sweater – handmade
Jeans – handmadet (sewing pattern: Morgan Jeans by Closet Core Patterns)
Sneakers – New Balance #327
Bag- Clare V.

Here it is… one of the first sweaters I made. My first ever knitting pattern was the Novice Sweater by Petite Knit, but I’m not very happy with the result, because the sizing is sooooo oversized. After the Novice sweater I chose one size down on every knitting pattern so I get the fit that I want.
The Novice Sweater was very easy to knit and after that I wanted to knit the next level: raglan! The Sweater No. 9 by My Favourite Thinks Knitwear ist perfect for beginners (and they offer the instructions in different languages).
I made just one change to the knitting instructions: instead of purl stitches at the raglan I purled through the back loop, because I like the look better (the ptbl stitches are tighter). This knitting pattern is really easy to follow and great for beginners, I highly recommend it.
I used Drops Nepal (colour 0100) together with Drops Brushed Alpaca Silk (colour 01), the result is a tigther knit then with the thinner Kid Silk yarn. I’m very happy with this sweater! It was perfect at the Baltic Sea in April, no jacket needed.
I liked the knitting pattern of the Sweater No. 9 so much, I made two more sweaters… of one of them we took some photos and I will share them soon.
Thank you for your kind and lovely comments last week! They really made me happy and motivate to blog again.
Have a great week (school summer holidays starts on Wednesday, yay!).


6 thoughts on “Knit at the beach .:. Sweater No. 9

  1. Looks fab Stefanie. Will be perfect winter wear. So many nice patterns to choose from, it’s hard to decide what to knit next!

    1. Thank you, Maju! Yes, it’s always the same, isn’t it… the to-sew/ to-knit list is neverending! 🙂 I have the Sunde sweater on my list, but the wool I bought isn’t quite right ( I don’t get the gauge of 21 stitches…).
      I’m curious to see what you will knit up next! 🙂

  2. looks great – sweater and jeans..
    I always love you outfits – they inspire me to try more complicated patterns

    thanks for that

  3. Your sweater is lovely and looks very elegant with your Morgan jeans. I too love your style and love seeing the beautiful pieces of clothing you create.

  4. I have some Petite Knit Patterns favourited. I like the slipover patterns…and if I recall correctly…have a socks pattern in my want list. That said, my last two knitting projects were underwhelming for me. I unraveled them both and sent the yarns off to goodwill. I can’t blame the patterns…I bought inexpensive yarn and I think that was a lot to do with it.

    Creamy white, knit, pullover….I’d be reaching for this all autumn long! It looks great; I think the sizing looks fine. Look forward to seeing your other knitting makes.

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