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Yellow at the beach .:. Kelly Anorak

Jeans – made by me (Morgan Jeans von Closet Core Patterns)
Longsleeve – Thermoshirt by Uniqlo
Sneaker – New Balance 327
Bag- Clare V.
Sew in labels – Kylie and the Machine

Welcome back!
I took some unintended and unplanned time off on my blog… it’s been month since I last blogged. I somehow lost the motivation and was wondering why I do it (less and less people are reading blogs), Instagram isn’t helping with the motivation, too. The always changing algotythm, too much advertisement and too many videos. I lost interest… but I never lost the interest in sewing and since last year I knit, too.
So today I’m making a new start and will try to post more regularly.

Ever since the Kelly Anorak was released, I wanted to make it… remember way back when Closet Core Patterns was named Closet Case??? I had it in my pattern stash forever…
I’m able to sew in zippers in skirts, dresses and trousers, but on jackets and coats I prefer buttons. So it was new to me to install this kind of zipper.
The fabric is waterproof and made of cotton (between the two layers of cotton is some kind of rubber (?) to make the fabric waterproof). I wasn’t sure how my sewing machine would handle this fabric and sewing a few layers of it, but all went smooth. Usually a lot of sewing instructions suggest a sturdy needle (i.e. for Jeans fabrics), but I used a fine one (60) and I made the experience a thinner needle in my sewing machine on densly woven fabrics makes better stitches.

Alterations on the pattern: a lot!
I made a few Closet Core patterns before and chose my usual size 18 and made a muslin… too tight. I was very surprised, because I never had this issue before on Closet Core Patterns. Well, I sized up and made a few changes I always need to do (full bust adjustemnt, lengthend the arms). Two days of paper pattern alteration and three muslins later I had a good fit… (insert eyeroll here).
For the lining I used striped jersey, because I had a very similar Anorak before (long time reader might remember) and I wanted this style of Anorak. Since my old one was damaged and the yellow got dirty, I pulled out the cord and the cord stopper and reused them for my Kelly Anorak. The labels are from Kylie and the Machine and I love them.

All in all I’m very happy and proud of this Anorak and wore it a lot in spring (German April showers…) and around Easter at the Baltic Sea.
But after this pattern alteration marathon I went straight back to my tried and true patterns (Grasser and Vikisews), since I just need to make minor adjustments on these.

Besides sewing I also knitted a lot. I started knitting last winter and I already made a few sweaters (yes, a FEW)… I will show one of them next Monday and hope to see you again here.

Have a great week.


10 thoughts on “Yellow at the beach .:. Kelly Anorak

    1. Thank you so much, Beth! Indded so much better (especially the fit) then a ready-to-wear anorak! 🙂

  1. Das ist eine tolle Jacke, die bei jedem Wetter die Sonne scheinen lässt. Dein Lächeln dazu und perfekt ist die sonnige Stimmung!

  2. I love the combination of the blue stripe lining with the bright yellow. So cheerful and sporty. Wonderful anorak. I am sure you will wear it often.

  3. Hey Stef, I know how you feel about blogging and Instagram and social media. Very recently, I felt the desire to dust off my blog too. I haven’t posted yet; I’m doing a bit of a blog refresh first. You’ve done that too, yes? I like the new look! I’m finding there are some hurdles with getting back into it. I’m dropping the subscribe option…I was with feedburner and that died and then I was going to go with Mailchimp, but the requirements of displaying my address in my emails is not something I’m willing to do. I’m also trying to figure out the privacy consent disclosure thing…I’ve got warnings on my dashboard that I’m failing in that area. Sigh…if I can get past the technical roadblocks, I’ll be happy!

    I do love the yellow Kelly Anorak! And your photos make me feel like I’m at the beach!

    1. Thank you, Sue!
      Yes, I gave my blog a redesign (not finished yet) and I moved from blogspot to WordPress… but I’m struggeling with the programming of a website, too.
      But you should totally get back to blogging! I’m not done with my redesign and started anyway! I try to blog once a week on Mondays (new blogpost is coming tomorrow), maybe there will be more posts the next weeks, because I sewed and knitted so much! Content for weeks

      1. I made that move in 2016 or so. There have been a few moments when I’ve missed the lack of responsibility that comes with Blogspot, but 99% of the time I’m SO happy to have my own site.

        I’ve got a ton of content too. I bought a new theme a few days ago but I’m not sure I’m going to use it. There are definitely some features of it that I love, but I’m on the fence for the moment!

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