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So now she knits? Yes! Yes, I do! 🙂 In October the Sew Your Wardrobe Basics theme was knits and  I thought it would be so cool to make my own knitted basics. But long before that I was following other makers and admiering their beautiful knitted pieces, like Manju or Eva.
I was always put off by the complicated knitting instructions. Would I be able to read and understand them? In Elementary school I leaned the basics of crochetting and knitting, but that was around 30 years ago!
After the Sew Your Wardrobe Basics theme I got inspired and knitted some rows and you know what? My brain remembered the hand movement for knitting after 30 years… it was fascinating… and a bit scary.
In the summer I stumbled across the knitting instructions of Petiteknit on Instagram and loved the design of her pieces. But should I really start with such a big project like a sweater? A knitting friend advised me to start with something small like a headband or a scarf… but I have a headband (said friend made for me) and I have plenty of scarfs. I wanted a sweater… something to wear every day! Well, a basic piece for my wardrobe. 🙂
Petiteknit offers a lot of knitting instructions (in different languages), especially one for beginners: the novice sweater and since I stalked every make on Instagram #novicesweater, I decided to start with this one. I bought the instructions and some yarn (Kos by Sandnes) and got started two weeks ago. Below you can see the beginning of the project, now I’m done with the bodice and will start the sleeves soon. I hope my first sweater will turn out great… fingers crossed.
Do you knit? And maybe have some recommendations for beginner-friendly knitting instructions? Please leave a comment below.
I hope you have a great rest of the week.


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