Corduroy .:. Vikisews Karmina

Deutsche Version hier.

Autumn has officially arrived in Germany and I took the opportunity to wear my cozy handmade corduroy trousers for the first time. Making these trousers were so relaxing: every pattern piece is drafted to perfection, everything fits together, the notches are on point. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out the Vikisews patterns. I’m thrilled by the quality of the patterns.
About my corduroy trousers:
fabric: cotton corduroy with a bit of stretch (bought two yeras ago)
pattern: Vikisews Karmina (the Russian pattern, the English version of this pattern haven’t been released yet)
size: I checked the size chart on the website and chose after my hip and waist measurements. Vikisews patterns run true to size.
fit: The pattern suggests a fabric with a bit of stretch, but I think you can get away with a non stretchy fabric, too. The trousers are loose around my hips, but that’s ok for me, makes them really comfy.
alterations: So here is the best part about this pattern… I haven’t changed a bit and the fit around the crotch and bum is so amazing. I’m absolutely thrilled. The only minor change I made was shortening the hem around 2cm. Vikisewes patterns are always drafted with long legs, so you can wear the trousers with heels. Other than that I haven’t changed a thing.
recommendation: Yes, yes and yes. I have already cut into another fabric (this time without stretch). I highly recommend trying this (or any other trouser pattern) by Vikisews. If you are a beginner in sewing, I recommend the English patterns, the instructions are very detailed and you can learn a lot from them. I went with the Russian pattern, because the Karmina pattern isn’t available in English yet. If you are an advanced seamstress, you can use the Russian patterns (there are more trouser patterns in Russian you can choose from) and take a look at the pictures in the instructions.

I’ll be back with another handmade outfit next week. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

photographed by JFN

Jumper: Mango
Scarf: very old
Trousers: Vikisews Karmina
Bag: Saint Laurent
Boots: Mango

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