Sew Your Wardrobe Basics

October theme .:. Knits

Welcome to October, which means here in Germany autumn is in full swing. It’s the perfect month to make something out of knit fabrics. I’m not very good in knitting so I will use knit fabrics for my basics: I have a white (see the picture above) and a khaki green cotton knit fabric in my stash and I’d like to turn them in some kind of jumper.
But of course you can knit a basic piece of clothes if you are lucky enough to be an advanced knitter (I’m very jealous, learning to knit is on my to do list).
In fact all kinds of knit fabrics are possible such as jersey, sweat fabrics or double jerseys (Romanit).
Last but not least you can even skip my theme and make a complete different basic piece for your wardrobe.
We will meet again on October 31st to share our handmade basic pieces of this month. I hope you like this month theme and join me making another basic for your everyday life.
Have a great weekend.


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