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January theme .:. Denim // Sew Your Wardrobe Basics

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For January I chose the topic Denim, mainly because I desperately need a new pair of jeans (my last handmade one is well loved and now falling into pieces). Denim is also for a lot of you a real wardrobe basic, weather it’s a pair of jeans, a jean jacket, denim shorts, a denim dess or skirt. Think of your wardrobe: What is your most loved and worn denim piece? Do you need any new denim pieces?
Also don’t think in short terms. I know it’s winter in the northern hemisphere, but do you need a new denim skirt for spring/summer? You can totally wear a denim skirt with thights and boots in the winter (even denim shorts, depending on your personal style).
In the following I’ll show some collages with different denim garments and I’ll give some tipps for choosing a pattern and fabric.
The Denim wardrobe classic: a pair of jeans (I think you can even cheat here and make some chinos out of twill). I will definetely make a pair of jeans in January, because I really need them.
Denim Fabric: I bought my denim fabric on Stoff&Stil, but their fabric is very stretchy, if you prefer a more durable (but still stretchy) denim, here is my secret denim fabric source: it’s an ebay seller and the denim has an amazing quality (you can get denim without any stretch, too. I used the non-stretchy Denim here for the Denim dress).
Please note: always, I repeat: ALWAYS prewash your Denim fabric, it’ll shrink and you don’t want to ruin your finished garment!
1. I tried the Closet Case Patterns Ginger Jeans (fitting wise not my favourite, but a lot of other semstresses loved the fit and the instructions are out of this world good! Even if you are a beginner and want to make jeans, this instruction is really really helpful).
2. more of a boyfriend fit: the Morgan Jeans Closet Case Patterns (I haven’t tried these, but bought the pattern and the instruction is just as good as the one from the Ginger Jeans).
3. I also heared good things about the Ash Jeans and the Dawn Jeans by Meghan Nielsen (both available in plus sizes, too), but I haven’t tried these patterns.
4. for the plus size ladys there’s the Ames Jeans by Cashmerette (again, I heared good things about this pattern, but haven’t tried myself)
5. a while ago I bought the McCall’s jeans pattern #M5894 and maybe I’ll use this pattern, since I have it in my stash.
→ I’m sure there are lots more jeans patterns out there, these are just a few I wanted to mention. I suggest browsing the internet for some pattern reviews and pictures, especially for your personal body shape.
My second choice is a Denim skirt. I’d love to make one in January, too… but I don’t know how much time I’ll have once the holidays are over. We’ll see.
Maybe a Denim skirt is your first choise as a wardrobe basic? You can choose from so many styles and sewing patterns: classic short skirt, buttoned at the front, maxidress, half circle skirt. Again, it depends on your personal style preferences. I’d like to make a pencil skirt out of dark blue Denim.
You’re thinking ahead or live in the southern hemisphere? Then you may like Denim shorts (bermudas or culottes would also be a great alternative for the warmer month).

Denim Outerwear: Again everything is possible!
1. Denim Jacket in blue or white Denim
2. Denim bomber jacket
3. Denim Blazer
4. Denim Shirt/Jacket (also called Shacket)
5. Denim quilted jacket (how about a Denim Tamarack jacket or longer coat?)

And just because I like the idea: How about these Denim blazers? I really like the idea, but I already have one (bought) in my wardrobe.

Of course I can’t end such a Denim round up without mentioning Denim dresses (and one jumpsuit). I made the Fiona Sundress by Closet Case Patterns and even though it’s not a wardrobe basic for me, I like this style of dress and all these buttons. I also made Simplicity #7883, which is perfect for a lightweight Denim or Chambrey fabric. But you can choose whatever dress pattern you like really and it will always look good in Denim IMHO. Look at this cute pinafore dress patterns by Sew different or this by Jennifer Lauren Handmade.
Everything is possible! Just always remember: you want to make a basic, so ask yourself what will you wear the most!?
I can’t wait to see your basics. We’ll meet here at the 29th of January to see all of your makes. If you post pictures of your work in progress on Instagram, please use #SewYourWardrobeBasics so I and other makers can see your picture.
I’m so excited! I was really overwhelmed by the great feedback and your interest! Thank you very much!

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